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Offering custom artwork for the home or office since 2007, our group specializes in outdoor adventure, sports, and event photography.  Close proximity to dangerous wildlife, inclement weather, and challenging climbs or descents does not keep our photographers from capturing quality images you'll get nowhere else.  

Get outdoor photography displayed on this site in a safe, hassle-free, file download environment, directly to your home or office computer or other digital devices. Purchase copyright-free, digital images starting at $1.00, using your debit or credit card via Paypal's secure payment site.  See our FAQ link for information about our quick and easy ordering/image download process.

You can also get high-quality, professionally produced print enlargements for home or office wall art (8" X 10" to 30" X 40") of any photograph on this site!   Other custom formats can be ordered using the Contact Us application.  See the FAQ section for additional details. 

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Customized photography sessions can be arranged to feature your athletes, teams, or other groups at their single or multi-day event activities!  Use our "Contact Us" link, email, or phone Greg to get quotes and book your session today.

Be sure to vote for your favorite outdoor images using our "star rating" system and feel free to leave comments using the tab provided on the image detail page.  Please bookmark Artwestimage.net/Artwestimage.com on your home computer or digital device.  Find our latest expedition notifications and image release announcements on Facebook.  Thanks, in advance, for your comments and "Like". 

Newest Media

Serpent's Lunge

  • Title: Serpent's Lunge
  • Description: One of the more unique features of...
  • Views: 537
  •  0/5 (0 votes)

Ray of Light

  • Title: Ray of Light
  • Description: In July of 2023, we had the pleasure...
  • Views: 421
  •  0/5 (0 votes)

Canyon Rim from the Depths

  • Title: Canyon Rim from the Depths
  • Description: At the beginning of the quarter-mile...
  • Views: 397
  •  0/5 (0 votes)

Veiled Sunrays

  • Title: Veiled Sunrays
  • Description: In July of 2023, we had the pleasure...
  • Views: 479
  •  0/5 (0 votes)

Ascending the Canyon Bottom

  • Title: Ascending the Canyon Bottom
  • Description: In July of 2023, we had the pleasure...
  • Views: 522
  •  0/5 (0 votes)

Canyon's End

  • Title: Canyon's End
  • Description: In July of 2023, we had the pleasure...
  • Views: 476
  •  0/5 (0 votes)

Popular Media

Merrick Butte

  • Title: Merrick Butte
  • Description: Iconic view of this historic monument...
  • Views: 2775
  •  5/5 (9 votes)

Havasu Portrait

  • Title: Havasu Portrait
  • Description: Havasu Falls, on the Havasupai...
  • Views: 2761
  •  5/5 (7 votes)

Classic Wave Portrait

  • Title: Classic Wave Portrait
  • Description: Talk to geologists and they'll use...
  • Views: 2598
  •  5/5 (7 votes)

Sheep on Sei Billikoon Bay

  • Title: Sheep on Sei Billikoon Bay
  • Description: Sei Billikoon Bay, located in Lake...
  • Views: 2540
  •  5/5 (4 votes)

Zion Garden

  • Title: Zion Garden
  • Description: "Spectacular" is uttered time and...
  • Views: 2514
  •  5/5 (5 votes)

Antelope Canyon in Fushia

  • Title: Antelope Canyon in Fushia
  • Description: Antelope Canyon, southeast of Glen...
  • Views: 2475
  •  5/5 (8 votes)

Rainbow Bridge in Forbidden Canyon

  • Title: Rainbow Bridge in Forbidden Canyon
  • Description: Rainbow Bridge can be reached by boat...
  • Views: 2373
  •  5/5 (5 votes)

Keet Seel Main Room Block

  • Title: Keet Seel Main Room Block
  • Description: Navajo National Monument, in...
  • Views: 2328
  •  5/5 (5 votes)

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