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Greg and Nicole Nelson at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park 2018

Established in 2007, Artwestimage.com is a family-managed and maintained adventure photography group headed by proprietor/contributor, Greg Nelson, of Whitefish, Montana. After a 40 year career as a secondary and post-secondary educator in Montana, Nevada, and Utah, Mr. Nelson returned to the Big Sky State in 2019 to focus on growing his company's photography brand. After several years of exclusively selling online, Mr. Nelson and partners have been involved in a series of juried art shows and festivals in Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, with shows planned for western Montana.

Mr. Nelson has also followed his coaching roots and his passion for photography in establishing an entirely new endeavor beginning in the Spring of 2021. See his Montana sports action photography either on Facebook or @artwestimage on Athletic.net. Should you wish to book an individual, group, team, or any other event, please contact him personally via this site's "Contact Us" message panel, email, or telephone. Custom orders for prints or wall art in various formats can be arranged for your athlete or team at reasonable rates, and in the timeframe you need them!

Born and raised in Montana's Gallatin Valley, Mr. Nelson enjoys sports, hiking, camping, fishing, and historical non-fiction, in addition to photography. Collectively, he has spent over three years of his life exploring the backcountry wilds of the entire western United States. His adventures have included climbing in Montana's Beartooth Wilderness, spending two mid-winter weeks camping and skiing (including sleeping in a snow cave) in Gardiner's Hole in Yellowstone National Park, and navigating America's longest slot canyon in northern Arizona.

Greg Nelson on the Boulder River in Southcentral, Montana and in San Francisco. 

Other principle contributing partners for Artwestimage.com are:

John Nelson, a native Montanan, is retired from a long career with a worldwide logistics company on the Rocky Mountain Front and currently lives 60 miles north of Yellowstone Park. He now manages his own web hosting company, Michel Industries, and volunteers his time as a tax-preparer for HRDC. Nelson specializes in wildlife photography, principally in grizzly habitat. An avid motorcyclist, he tours the West seeking quirky adventures and anomalous digital video and still-image perspectives.

John Nelson at Newport, Oregon, and with nephew Jackson at the home ranch in Livingston, Montana.

Joan Parks is retired from a teaching career in Wyoming, Montana, and Nevada. She recently moved to the quiet and cordial community of Thermopolis, Wyoming. Her spare time is spent enjoying a menagerie of pets and capturing the beauty of nature in still images of landscapes, flowers, plants, and animals.

Joan Parks hiking in Kyle Canyon, Mount Charleston, Nevada in 2014.

Nicole Nelson is a marketing professional in South Jordan, Utah. She is an avid outdoorswoman, who keeps in shape by playing club volleyball and running road races, which has included several marathons. She enjoys nature photography and packs her gear on trips to locales throughout the West. She also has traveled overseas: to Kenya, China and Costa Rica.

Nicole Nelson on a river rafting expedition on the Pacuare River in Costa Rico in July of 2021.

The newest member of our team is Tremayne Krause, a native Montanan, who is already an accomplished outdoor photographer.  His published works include wildlife, landscapes, sports and event photography for clients in the greater Flathead area of Montana.  An outdoorsman, he enjoys bow hunting, hiking, fishing, and sports of all kinds.   Tre is an important contributor to capturing local sporting events in the Kalispell area!

Tremayne Krause at the Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness - 2022
Tremayne Krause hikes near the Chinese Wall in the Bob Marshall Wilderness, Montana - 2022

Artwestimage photography booth in Draper, Utah in May of 2019

Greg and John Nelson visit Moraine Lake in Banff National Park - 2023
Artwestimage lead photographers Greg and John Nelson visit Lake Moraine in Banff National Park - 2023

Feel free to browse our site and purchase images using your debit or credit card via Paypal's secure payment site. See our FAQ link for information about our quick and easy ordering/image download process. Copyright-free digital images start at $1.00. Photographers interested in contributing to our site are encouraged to contact us via the site! Individuals or groups wishing to book a photography event, please call 702-332-9873 or email Greg at grnelsonwss@gmail.com to request a quote or secure a booking.

Artwestimage.com Expedition Chronology            Start Date           End Date
Bryce Canyon, Utah I 6/24/2004 6/27/2004
Grand Canyon - North Rim 7/2/2004 7/6/2004
Zion Canyon, Utah 1 11/12/2004 11/14/2004
Valley of Fire, Nevada I 2/5/2005 2/6/2005
Mesa Verde, Colorado I 3/19/2005 3/26/2005
Mt Wheeler Ascent/Great Basin NP 6/30/2005 7/4/2005
Zion Canyon, Utah II 8/19/2005 8/21/2005
Fremont Indian State Park, Utah 10/24/2005 10/27/2005
Grand Canyon - South Rim I 12/26/2005 12/30/2005
Arizona Loop - Grand Canyon II Flagstaff/Prescott 4/14/2006 4/21/2006
Death Valley NP, California 5/26/2006 5/29/2006
Keet Seel/Betatakin Ruins, Arizona 6/30/2006 7/4/2006
Cathedral Gorge, Nevada 4/20/2007 4/22/2007
Mesa Verde II/Ute Mountain Tribal Park 6/30/2007 7/7/2007
Yellowstone NP, Wyoming I 8/25/2007 8/30/2007
Reno Air Show, Nevada 9/13/2007 9/16/2007
Oregon Coast, Newport to Astoria 9/19/2007 9/24/2007
Portland, Oregon 9/25/2007 9/26/2007
Antelope Canyon, Arizona 11/22/2007 11/23/2007
The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Arizona 11/24/2007 11/25/2007
Havasu Falls/Supai, Arizona 12/25/2007 12/29/2007
Paria Narrows/Buckskin Gulch, Bryce Canyon, Utah 6/4/2008 6/9/2008
Sloan Canyon, Nevada 1/30/2010
Paranaget Man, Alamo, Nevada 3/12/2010 3/14/2010
Brownstone Canyon, Nevada 5/28/2011
Kohta Circus, Gold Butte, Nevada 10/28/2011 10/30/2011
Lake Powell I, Wahweep to Oak Creek 2/4/2012 2/10/2012
Valley of Fire, Nevada II 2/11/2012 2/12/2012
Southern Arizona/New Mexico/Gila NP Loop 4/7/2012 4/13/2012
Lake Tahoe, California/Virginia City, Nevada 3/23/2013 3/28/2013
England, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland 5/3/2013 6/7/2013
Oregon Coast II/Eugene to Newport, Lighthouses 9/21/2013 9/28/2013
Skywalk, West Grand Canyon 11/29/2013
Whitefish, Montana, Winter Wonderland 1/11/2014 1/18/2014
Bryce Canyon, Utah III 4/4/2014
Lake Powell II/Nat Bridges NM/Monument Valley III 4/5/2014 4/15/2014
Yellowstone NP, Wyoming II 7/11/2014 7/19/2014
Nine Mile Canyon, Utah 5/28/2017 5/30/2017
Nanuki, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya 6/5/2017 6/23/2017
Dinewoody Petroglyphs, Legend Rock, Wyoming 3/26/2018 3/30/2018
Sego Canyon Petroglyphs, Utah 5/26/2018
Arches National Park, Utah 5/26/2018 5/28/2018
Newspaper Rock, Indian Creek, Utah 5/27/2018
Canyonlands National Park, Utah 5/27/2018 5/28/2018
Mirror Lake Basin, Uinta Mtns, Utah 6/23/2018
Cecret Lake, Wasatch Mtns, Utah 7/22/2018
Fall Color Expedition, Wasatch Range, Utah 9/29/2018 10/6/2018
Grizzly Habitat, Yellowstone NP III 6/17/2019
Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park 7/31/2019
Livingston Roundup Rodeo 6/30/2021 7/3/2021
Extreme Northwest Passage Road Trip 9/7/2021 9/23/2021
Three Days in San Francisco 9/18/2021 9/20/2021
FCS Football Championship Game - North Dakota State University vs Montana State Univ, Frisco, TX 1/5/2022 1/13/2022
Canadian Rockies/Vancouver Island, BC 5/29/2023 6/12/2023
Bryce Canyon, UT IV/Antelope Canyon, AZ II 7/14/2023 7/23/2023

Greg Nelson photographs Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon National Park, December of 2007

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