Keet Seel Main Room Block



  • Title:  Keet Seel Main Room Block
  • Description:  Navajo National Monument, in northwest Arizona, is home to one of the most pristine Anasazi cliff-dwelling villages in the United States. Uninhabited for over seven centuries, Keet Seel (Kawestima) displays an astonishing condition of preservation. After a nine-mile hike, visitors must climb a 70-foot ladder to reach the alcove floor. The dwelling floor is littered with clay vessels, pottery shards, food remnants and dislodged building bricks, just as the Hisatsinom had left it 750 years ago. The 160 room complex dates back to 1200 A.D. Keet Seel is thought to have only been occupied for a short and very mysterious period of 50 years. Artwestimage staffers visited the site in early July of 2006. They walked into the site on Friday, taking a leisurely pack trip up Tsegi canyon to the primitive campground below Kawestima. After a night of fending off packrats trying to eat their way into our tent, the staffers spent Saturday morning photographing the ruins under the watchful eye of park rangers. After a four-hour shoot, the team packed up their gear and headed for the trailhead. On Sunday, they took in Betatakin, which made for a tough three days of packing camera gear over several miles of canyon terrain. Needless to say, the team was exhausted after the three-day foray. Taken with Nikon E4800, 18mm lens, F3.5, 1/60sec, ISO50.
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