Morning Mist at Big Spring



  • Title:  Morning Mist at Big Spring
  • Description:  Shoshones, under Chief Washakie, first came to live on the Wind River reservation in the mid-1800’s and they fought to the death with any other Indian tribes who sought to intrude on their land and hunting. Chief Washakie built a personal bath house there. Today nothing is left of Washakie's bath house, although a small marker may be found at the site. A move got underway in the early Nineties to get the Shoshone and Arapahoe Indians to agree to deeding a 10-mile square of the Wind River reservation land to the United States government, which would include the Big Horn Hot Springs, and the land would be opened to homestead settlement by the white men. Negotiations were carried on with the Indians, with Washakie, Chief of the Shoshones, as spokesman, and on April 21, 1896, articles of agreement were signed at the Shoshone agency. The first signature was that of Washakie, a Shoshone, and the second was Sharp Nose, an Arapahoe. Alternately Indians of both tribes signed. For this transfer the Indians were to receive $60,000 which when considered in terms of dollar value, was practically a gift from the Indians, as the area included the largest mineral hot springs in the world. After Chief Washakie signed, he said: "I have given you the spring; my heart feels good."
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