Landscape Arch Magnifique'



  • Title:  Landscape Arch Magnifique'
  • Description:  Landscape Arch is the longest arch in the park and in the Western hemisphere. The Natural Arch and Bridge Society (NABS) now considers the Landscape Arch to be the fifth longest natural arch in the world, having measured the span in 2004 at 290 feet. It's height is at 77.5 feet, a width of 18 feet and a thickness of 6 feet at it's thinnest section.. It was named by Frank Beckwith, leader of the Arches National Monument Scientific Expedition, who explored the area in the winter of 1933–1934. On September 1, 1991, a 73-foot slab of rock fell out from underneath the thinnest section of the span. This was captured on video by a Swiss tourist who happened to be behind the arch at the time. The rock that fell, however, was probably not structurally important to the arch. In fact, by reducing the weight of suspended rock, the arch was probably strengthened. On June 5, 1995, a 47-foot mass of rock fell from the front of the thinnest section of the arch, followed by another 30-foot rock fall on June 21. Due to these events the Park Service has closed the loop trail that once led underneath the arch.
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