Artwestimage Returns to Antelope Canyon Back

Aug 8, 2023

The promise of perfect photos is why we and thousands of other people trek to Page, Arizona, on the northernmost edge of the Arizona desert. It’s a solid two-hour drive from the nearest tourist hub airport in Flagstaff, Arizona, and at least five hours from the cities of Phoenix, Las Vegas, and our departure point, Salt Lake City.  Antelope Canyon's extraordinary beauty can be experienced through at least two Navajo guide services, costing over 60 bucks per person (plus the cost of actually getting there). During peak times of the day, usually between 10 am and 1 pm, photography is at its best as the sun's rays knife through the canyon narrows. During our July 2023 visit, we got the opportunity to work around Instagram tourists snapping selfies and groupie shots of themselves in what might be one of the prettiest places in the world.  As we were limited to one camera apiece, with no tripod or monopods allowed, the logistics of the space pushed our photography skills to their limits. In the shadowy depths of the canyon, the light created a dark, moody cavern-like feel, but as we progressed higher, the sun gave us purple and blues; then brilliant browns, oranges, and yellows. Occasionally, we encountered exquisite sunbursts peeking over the edge of the canyon rim. In our excitement, we struggled to attain perfectly still, handheld captures of sunbeams, which highlighted a shimmering stream of sandstone dust.  During these fleeting moments of time, we fulfilled our photography quest for images of "glittery smoke".  Enjoy!

Artwestimage staff member Nicole Nelson in Antelope Canyon, Arizona