Havasu Falls Expedition Back

Oct 20, 2017

In a remote chasm, south of the Grand Canyon, lies one of the most picturesque settings in the American Southwest.  On the Havasupai Indian Reservation, Havasu and nieghboring Mooney Falls, are truly unique feats of nature.
These waterfall wonders are located near Supai, Arizona, the native home of the Havasupai people for the last 900 years. Supai is eight miles from the nearest road and falls are accessable by a ten mile hike or a pricey helicopter ride.  When you get there, you'll not see the sites depicted in our photographs as they were forever changed/destroyed by the violent flooding that occurred in August 2008.

Our images, taken in late December of 2007, depict the Havasupai Canyon and the falls in their pristine, "before the flood" beauty.  Download serene views of the falls to your home computer beginning at $1 apiece or download the entire photographer's collection of 30 prints for $29.99.  See the Havasu Falls subpage for image details here:  https://artwestimage.net/gallery.php?mode=gallery&id=14&page=1