Defiance House above Forgotten Canyon



  • Title:  Defiance House above Forgotten Canyon
  • Description:  Defiance House is located in Forgotten Canyon on Lake Powell, Utah. Forgotten Canyon is approximately 13 miles upstream from Bullfrog Marina. Forgotten Canyon is located at Channel Marker 106 and Defiance House is approximately 3 miles up the north channel of the canyon. No large communities were built in this area, but a few small cliff dwellings and other archeological sites have been found. Defiance House is one of the best-preserved Ancestral Puebloan dwellings in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area. Defiance House was discovered by archeologists in 1959. Exploring the area before Lake Powell was created, University of Utah archeologists followed a dangerous hand-and-toe-hold trail up the sandstone cliff and were delighted to find an Anasazi site where "most of the roofs were still in place, and two perfect red bowls still had scraps of food in them." They named the site "Defiance House" for the large pictograph of three warriors brandishing clubs and shields. Here, an Artwestimage team member pauses to commemorate our visit in April of 2014. The canyon floor is about 200 feet below the level of the ruin alcove.
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