Dec 26, 2021

Photography and Video Services for 2022! is now offering individual and group photography and video services in Flathead Valley, Montana.


Nov 30, 2021

Earn Purchase Discounts of 10%

Earn a 10% discount on digital download image orders of at least $50.00. The more you buy, the greater the discount!


Oct 27, 2021

Fall Brings Color and Cool

Artwestimage photographers present their finest impressions on the coming of fall. The Whitefish Mountains, the North Fork of the Flathead River and the Lake McDonald area of Glacier National Park come into focus. Enjoy!


Oct 4, 2021

Our Extreme Northwest Passage

Artwestimage is on the road again, this time exploring Washington, Oregon, and California to their extremes! Using state and federal highways, our photographers maintained routes as far north and west as possible, hugging the Canadian border and the West Coast all the way to San Francisco. Often spending the night under the stars, our photo team kept their lens focused on building a collection of eclectic images from a broad range of areas. In the rain of the Olympic Mountains or the sun of Pacific beaches, we sought unique landscape and cultural perspectives.


Jul 19, 2021

Check Out the New Rodeo Gallery!

Artwestimage photographers celebrate the summer of 2021 with this exciting new release!


Apr 4, 2021

Sports and Event Photography (Featured On Facebook)

Custom order photography for sporting and other events in Western Montana. Specializing in individual, group, team, and general event photography.


Apr 2, 2020 Remains Open!

Although has canceled all scheduled expeditions, art shows, and public events due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, our website remains fully open!


Sept 1, 2019 Moves to Montana

We have moved our home office and headquarters to Northwest Montana. Whitefish is an island of commerce and culture, surrounded by an ocean of mountain recreation. Nestled at the northernmost tip of the majestic Flathead Valley, Whitefish offers a rich and unique lifestyle that will support our outdoor adventure theme.


Jan 19, 2019

Welcome to's New Webstore

Our brand new image webstore features our latest selection of digital and print images from locations in the American West!


Apr 14, 2019 at the Draper Art Festival!

See our latest product line, including our exclusive Vigilante Vintage canvas gallery wraps at our first outdoor show of 2019! Plan to spend the day in the city park in beautiful Draper, Utah, nestled in the corner of the southeast portion of the Salt Lake Valley. Vendors, food, car show and entertainment!


Mar 30, 2019

Aspens in the Wasatch Wins Taylorsville Art Show Award

Greg Nelson's Aspens in the Wasatch - Pine Canyon took third overall in the photography division at the Taylorsville Art Show!


Jan 1, 2019

Vigilante Vintage Collection staffers were in Virginia City, Montana in July of 2018 focusing their lenses on store fronts, interiors and vintage merchandise artifacts. Enjoy this series of unique HDR image interpretations and brief histories of the sites found in the downtown district of this real 1860's boomtown.


Jun 1, 2018

Eastern Utah Canyon Country

A "bucket list" expedition for Greg and Nicole Nelson, featuring early morning and evening photo shoots of Sego Canyon, Park Avenue, Landscape Arch, Delicate Arch, Mesa Arch, Newspaper Rock and viewpoint vistas of Canyonlands National Park. This release will feature a variety of wide-angle images captured by Nicole Nelson, using state-of-the-art HDR imagery capture techniques.


Jan 10, 2018

Nine Mile Canyon, Utah

North of Price, Utah there are at least an estimated 1,000 rock art sites in the canyon, with more than 10,000 individual images. There is no question that rock art is more concentrated here than anywhere else in North America.


Dec 20, 2017

Glen Canyon/Lake Powell Float Expeditions

Boat excursions into one of the most remote, primitive and controversial regions of the continental United States. See details of two separate expeditions on the Colorado and Escalante River drainages of southern Utah, in this feature release from 2012 and 2014.


Nov 24, 2017

Artwestimage Rides the Wave

In the winter of 2008, Artwestimage team members traveled to The Wave, in northern Arizona. Arriving before sunrise, just a handful of people were on hand to share this surreal place.


Oct 20, 2017

Havasu Falls Expedition

Our images, taken in late December of 2007, depict the Havasupai Canyon and the falls in their pristine, "before the flood" of 2008 beauty. Download serene views of the falls to your home computer or digital devise using our easy payment/download process. See the Havasu Falls subpage!


Oct 20, 2017

Keet Seel and Betatakin!

Navajo National Monument is located within the northwest portion of the Navajo Nation in northern Arizona and features three well-preserved Anasazi cliff dwellings.