Murdered 1892



  • Title:  Murdered 1892
  • Description:  Poor August Bouhaben got his on March 31, 1892 at the age of 31. A native of France, he was killed by Jerry Barry in a business shooting. The gunman drew a pistol and demanded money that the store was holding in trust for the man's family. Barry was a drunk and the money he made being a miner was spent before he provided for his family. He had already been given his daily allotment of cash and now was demanding more at gun point. As Mr. Bouhaben ran to help his partner, the gunman turned and fired striking him in the head. "Take that you damn foreigner" the gunman yelled as Mr. Bouhaben fell to the ground mortally wounded. Barry fled the scene firing his gun wildly and was later arrested by law enforcement while hiding under his bed. He was dragged out kicking and screaming that he was innocent of the crime, while his poor wife and children looked on. Barry later plead guilty to the murder and served a lengthy prison sentence, having not got the death penalty due to his illness.
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