Eagle House Approach on the Cliff



  • Title:  Eagle House Approach on the Cliff
  • Description:  Access to Eagle Nest House remains exciting for modern day visitors. To reach the ledge at the level of the alcove, you must ascend a 40 foot ladder from the trail. When climbing, there is canyon wall to your right but open air to your left, a tremendous view if you are not afraid to look. Upon gaining the top, you must walk about 100 feet to the ruin along a four feet wide ledge with a sheer vertical drop and a huge view. Getting on the ladder to go back down makes for an exhilarating first step.
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  • Added:  Dec 29, 2017
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License: Royalty Free

Resolution: 1712 x 2288 px ( 5.7" x 7.6" @ 300 dpi )


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