Fort Laramie Guardhouse - Built in 1876



  • Title:  Fort Laramie Guardhouse - Built in 1876
  • Description:  Expecting problems from Sitting Bull’s band, which had refused to stay on the reservation, the Army launched a major campaign from Fort Laramie in 1876. Under the command of Brig. Gen. George Crook, troops from Fort Laramie participated in the campaign on the Crazy Horse Fork of the Powder River and the Battle of the Rosebud. In 1877, the Lakota leaders gave up hunting rights in Montana and Wyoming and surrendered the gold-rich Black Hills. The need for frontier forts had all but disappeared in the West, but troops remained stationed at Fort Laramie for another 13 years or so. The railroad moved in, but it bypassed Fort Laramie, choosing to make Cheyenne its base. Cattle ranchers and settlers replaced emigrants ‘just passing through.’ Thereafter the fort became less and less productive and was closed.
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