Independence Rock on the Oregon Trail



  • Title:  Independence Rock on the Oregon Trail
  • Description:  Independence Rock is a large granite rock, approximately 130 feet high, 1,900 feet long and 850 feet wide, in southwestern Natrona County, Wyoming. During the middle of the 19th century, the rock was a prominent and well-known landmark on the Oregon, Mormon, and California emigrant trails. Many of these emigrants carved their names on the rock, and it was described by early missionary and explorer Father Pierre-Jean De Smet in 1840 as the Register of the Desert. Although much of the trail has disappeared beneath modern cities and highways, this landmark can still seen as closely resembling the views that greeted the first pioneers in the 1800s. This national treasure is part of the historic legacy belonging to all Americans and was of particular interest to staffers in 2007.
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