Coyote's Scout



  • Title:  Coyote's Scout
  • Description:  This youngster was part of a small group near Hayden Pass, in north central Yellowstone Park. On the northern range of the park, the coyote population decreased as much as 50 percent after wolves were restored in 1995 as a result of competition with wolves for food, attacks by wolves, and loss of territory to them. More recent trends, however, indicate that the coyote population has increased as wolf packs have become more dispersed to other areas. Coyotes also face threats from humans. The animals, who are not shy, quickly learn habits like roadside or communal feeding near tourist centers. This may lead to aggressive behavior toward humans and can increase the risk of the coyote being hit by a vehicle. This one seemed fairly conscious of getting to close, as it remained on the ridge above the highway.
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