Kohta Circus Upper Panel



  • Title:  Kohta Circus Upper Panel
  • Description:  An upper grouping of panels, located 30-40 feet above the canyon floor, contain petroglyphs that have been well preserved considering there exposed location. It is difficult to access these panels as they are on cliff ledges that require special care to climb to. This panel denotes several clan symbols, venus stars, goblins and burden basket rain symbols, most indicating drought conditions. A small flute player lies in the lower right
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Resolution: 1024 x 731 px ( 3.4" x 2.4" @ 300 dpi )


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Kohta Circus Petroglyphs

Located deep within the central portion of the Gold Butte region, about two miles southeast of Black Butte, the Kohta Circus petroglyphs, a.k.a. Khota Circus and Kohta’s Circus petroglyph area...


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